Give Somebody a Head Start

Tanyo Ibirogba

Tanyo Ibirogba

It gives us great pleasure to say that Navy & Navy Creative is involved in the Head Start Programme. From the h Foundation, a charity founded by The H Club, the programme connects young people from diverse backgrounds to training, experiences and opportunities within the creative industries. It aims to build a bridge between creative professionals and underrepresented young people, raising aspirations and providing access to hard-to-reach opportunities.

A subject close to our heart, Navy & Navy Creative’s Founder, Amy Wilson, first worked in a creative role through an unpaid internship. With no clear route into the industry, she like many others, took a bank loan in order to live and work in London, doing something that she enjoyed. Luckily for Amy the financial risk paid off, but she still considers herself lucky to have gained the initial opportunity.

Now able to help others, Navy & Navy Creative is a firm believer in seeking talent from all walks of life and providing opportunities to those who may find it challenging to gain them elsewhere.

We hope that by hosting the incredibly talented Tanyo Ibirogba for a five week placement, we will make a substantial difference to Tanyo’s career and outlook for employment in the future.

We plan to share more of Tanyo’s journey with Navy & Navy Creative soon. If you’d like to know more about the programme, please look at the h Foundation on Twitter.