Monday Musings, Social Media


Surrounded by a daily digital sense of FOMO and the tragic ensuing dissatisfaction this brings, here is a quick reminder to use social media to identify and package the triggers for joy, instead of treating it as a way to follow things that we wish we had.

Social media comes under fire with yawning regularity and few defend its potential cathartic properties. Social warriors of Facebook and Instagram doom will warn of the inadequacies these platforms spawn in us all. They tell us that these sites make us believe others are way happier, sexier, thinner. But actually… these sites can remind us that we are actually better versions of ourselves than we think!

How about we self-indulgently relive the joy that we felt in our photographs. It’s up to you what you post and who you follow. You package your happiness - decant it through social media and allow yourself the self-indulgence to re-enjoy it wherever you like.